World College of Lao Tzu is ancient chinese philosophy of yin/yang balance universal treatment of body as a whole. We offer to joint our club as membership to attained weekly and monthly activities such as: chinese painting, singing and dance classes for mental and physical needs. we invite you to join us as family to treat you at discount price. Our conference usually at weekends and holidays. We provide rooms for your stay 

We are special treatment for stop pain of all kind of pain management. Neck pain and low back pain with acupuncture and physical therapeutic massage combined with herbs. We accepted Medicare/Medicaid and other kind of insurance for no fault. Our doctors including western MD and eastern OMD for your health needs. We also help treatment of IVF and infertility. Our doctors with best acupuncture for after stroke rehabilitations and emergency case as well. If you have any western doctor unable treated cancer patients should try our special chinese herbal formula to combine with radio or chemical therapy as well. Apart for treatment of sick people we also treat healthy people to prevent future disease.

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