We are grouped with licensed MD for western medicine and licensed OMD for eastern medicine of acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine. we specialize for all kind of pain managements especially for stroke patients rehabilitations to regain daily activity. 

我们健康工作室的许可人医疗培训教授和志愿者团队,通过结合东西方治疗艺术的精神和哲学,帮助您改善日常生活,改善日常生活,治疗您的疾病,平衡您的日常生活。 我们还使用凉茶和汤来教授古老的冥想绘画,以满足您的新生活需求。

  • This is for all kind of patient with cash payment only

    1 小時


  • we accept Medicaid and Medicare

    1 小時

    Medicare /Medicaid

  • For no fault insurance and for people with all kind of medical insuran...

    1 小時 30 分鐘

    $150 Insurance only

  • It is licensed prescription of treatment marijuanas from MD of herbal ...

    20 分鐘

    Insurance accepted

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